Mutton Bustin' presented by Elmer's Restaurant

Mutton Bustin' puts the kids in the spotlight









Mutton Bustin' puts the kids in the spotlight

Elmer's  Restaurant has stepped up to sponsor the fan-favorite rodeo event known as Mutton Bustin', a popular kid's competition that puts a youngster atop wild and wooly sheep!


Mutton Bustin' is open to any child age 6 years and under and weighing less than 60 lbs.  Chaps are optional and can be brought by contestants and ropes are not allowed.  A completed release form must be collected per child.    

MANDATORY:  All contestant must wear a safety-approved vest and a mouthguard.

Click Here For Complete Rules and a Sign-up Form

This event is similar to bull riding and contestants will attempt to last 6 seconds on a sheep that's as unpredictable as a bull.  Mutton Bustin' is designed as an introductory event into calf riding. Contestants compete for prizes and the bragging rights of being a "World Champion Mutton Buster."

You may visit Elmer's Restaurant on Hwy 111 just South of Palm Springs for Signups, Rules, and Rodeo Tickets.



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