Blackjack from Amaya Gaming.

Blackjack games offered by Amaya Gaming are virtual representations of the traditional card and table game that are provided by the Amaya Gaming Group. Amaya is a gaming company established in Montreal that has a presence in both the online and offline gaming industries with its many offerings.

They are officially a conglomeration of gaming enterprises that joined together to establish what is currently the biggest publicly-traded company in the industry. Amaya is a massive corporation that is tough to narrow down with just a few phrases. Amaya is the most well-known company in the gambling industry for its acquisition of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker in 2014 for a combined total of $5 billion. Amaya is a publicly listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange. They have strengthened its worldwide footprint by the recent purchase of CryptoLogic as well as a few other small-scale rivals, and they now have headquarters in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

We’ll get more into the blackjack options provided by the firm a little later down the page, but before we do that, here’s some additional information about the business itself.

Concerning Amaya Gaming

Amaya Gaming is a producer of games and a provider of gaming industry services to enterprises who operate both online and offline gambling operations. They provide services in a wide variety of markets, including casinos, poker, sportsbooks, lotteries, slot machines, and just about everything else you can think of. Amaya Gaming is well-known in the gambling business for its ability to provide back-end services for all of the kinds of gambling described in the previous paragraph. The firm is currently providing software to some of the most well-known companies in the online gaming industry, and they are also in the process of releasing a number of brand new games.

Amaya Gaming was able to increase the size of both their game library and its online casino holdings when they completed the acquisition of CryptoLogic. They currently offer a total of six different variations of blackjack, ranging from the traditional regulations of Las Vegas to a micro-limit game and even a version that is based on the rules that are played in Atlantic City. There are no pointless “expert” or “platinum” style games included in this collection of blackjack games, which makes it a more engaging option overall.

A simple search of casinos that offer blackjack games developed by Amaya Gaming shows that these casinos all use a four-level betting structure. There are three different levels of limit possibilities available for blackjack games: $0.10 to $5, $1 to $100, $5 to 250, and $15 to 500. You should not anticipate that these ranges will be common across all casinos that host Amaya games since the only purpose of this information being included here is for instructional reasons. Before you play any online game for real money, you should always make sure you have read and understood the game’s own guidelines, regulations, and limits.

The remainder of this page is dedicated to discussing the various blackjack games offered by Amaya Gaming and includes information such as the house edge percentages and optimal strategies for each game.

Games Can Be Played

The following is a rundown of all six versions of blackjack that may be played using the online casino software provided by Amaya Gaming:

Single-Deck Blackjack in Atlantic City Atlantic City Blackjack
Perfect Pairs Blackjack Lucky 7 Blackjack Microlimit Blackjack Perfect Pairs Blackjack Blackjack in Las Vegas Blackjack in Las Vegas
Blackjack with a single deck has the lowest house advantage of any game at 0.26%, making it the clear winner. That’s not only a low value for Amaya; it’s also one of the lowest house edge figures we’ve discovered in our research of games designed by designers from all across the globe. With an edge of 0.7%, Lucky 7 Blackjack is the weakest game on our list in terms of the house advantage that is already built into the game. It’s a relief to know that none of Amaya’s blackjack games have very lengthy odds, but the house edge of 0.7% is still a little bit too high.

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