Gaming industries owned by Amatic.

The company Amatic Industries is responsible for the development of the slot machines known as Amatic slots.
It was established in 1993. Amatic is an Austrian company that was founded and is run by a family. You’ve probably seen plenty of Amatic cabinets and games if you’ve gambled in a number of European casinos. Amatic slot machines have a distinctive shape that resembles a semicircle and has a display that is positioned slightly above the players’ heads.

A multitude of various online slot games that are provided by Amatic Gaming Industries are featured on this page. You have the opportunity to try out any of these games without risking any of your own money by playing them right here on our website before deciding whether or not you want to play them for real money.

In the last part of this guide, we go over some of Amatic’s most popular slot games that are now available. We cover all you need to know about these games, including their bonuses, features, paylines, symbols, and a great deal more.

The History of Amatic

Since the early 1990s, Amatic has been one of the most influential companies in the creation of casino and AWP (Amusement with Prize) games for the European market. In 2011, Amatic made its debut in the world of online gambling by launching a series of web-enabled adaptations of their most successful slot and table games found in land-based casinos. The creation of land-based and online games and software is the primary emphasis of the firm; nevertheless, they are also a prominent manufacturer of gaming cabinets, multiplayer systems, and server-based video terminal games throughout Europe. Since Amatic now provides services for the administration of fully-integrated online gambling, they are now able to be referred to as a comprehensive supplier of casino technology.

The First Few Years

Their firm achieved a significant level of popularity for the first time with a series of games marketed under the brand name “Master.” The Master series was introduced in 2003 and comprised products with names like Mini Master, Midi Master, Max Master, and Wall Master. These were the largest and flashiest slots that the firm had ever produced. They were developed almost immediately after the firm released its Roulette Grand Jeu game, a title that would ultimately challenge slots for the position of the most popular game made by the corporation.

Achieving Success in Other Slots

In point of fact, the longevity of Amatic may be attributed in large part to the company’s early achievements in the field of table games. While many of their first-run slot games fell into obscurity, and while their designers were striving to build a quality slot title, they were also releasing cutting-edge multilayer electronic roulette games, which kept the firm viable. This kept the company afloat when many of their slot games fell into oblivion.

When Amatic first introduced its one-of-a-kind video slot cabinets back in 2009, the company’s slot machines began to see a surge in popularity. When opposed to the outdated, boxy form of games that was prevalent across casino floors in Europe at the time, these cabinets have a more contemporary and appealing appearance. After achieving that level of success, Amatic went on to develop the first multi-game cabinet for the firm, which gives players the opportunity to choose from a variety of games that share the same display.

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