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Gambling Insider is dedicated to ensuring that the decisions you make regarding online gambling are as well-informed as they can possibly be. For this reason, we provide you with in-depth assessments of all of the most reputable mobile and online casinos available in Canada. In addition to this, we will provide you with information about the greatest games; as you play more of these games and become more familiar with them, you will discover what works best for you. When you continue to read more of our reviews, you’ll have a better idea of what to keep an eye out for.

The software used at casinos operates in a manner quite similar to how this one does. You will become more familiar with the game layouts and games that work best for you as you play more, and as a result, you will know what to look for when reading through our reviews. To get you started, and before you’ve had a chance to become familiar with them, we’ve analyzed the various platforms that our casinos employ for you so that you may get up and running as soon as possible. SkillOnNet is establishing itself more and more, despite the fact that it is a relative newcomer in compared to other software developers like Microgaming or Betsoft.



Since its founding in 2005, SkillOnNet has focused on table games, with backgammon being one of its main areas of expertise. The company has been able to expand and flourish by striking license deals with other software companies, like as Playtech, so that it can provide customers with a selection of games that includes not only its own games but also games developed by other companies in the industry. In its most basic form, SkillOnNet can be thought of as both a proprietory business and a conglomerate. Because the corporation has focused a significant amount of its research efforts on backgammon, it is without a doubt the most outstanding product that they have to offer. They have depended on the skills of others to provide all of their operators with games of a high quality in order to provide fan favorites like online video slots.


Variety of Playable Games

At the moment, SkillOnNet is providing their one-of-a-kind backgammon games to 12 of the most reputable online casinos throughout the world. Due to the fact that backgammon is a more specialized industry, it is obvious that from the beginning SkillOnNet intended to concentrate on a particular subset of players and, as a result, specialize. The corporation was able to avoid becoming a “jack of all trades and a master of none” because of the way in which they conducted their business. It was already fairly saturated with developers that supplied wide varieties of casino games, so this was certainly a sensible decision – so far, it surely seems to have paid off. The market was already quite saturated with developers that offered extensive choices of casino games. Additional material for SkillOnNet is supplied by CVG (Green Valley Games), Playtech, and Amaya, each of which is a significant company and gaming empire in and of themselves. Game Quality


SkillOnNet is now able to supply its customers with over 200 games, the majority of which are represented by online slot machines. This is made possible by the many cooperation deals that the company has struck with other notable online casino software providers. Backgammon games developed by SkillOnNet are among the industry’s best, and the company’s agreements with software developers such as Playtech, GVG, and Amaya enable it to also provide players with a wide variety of other games, including Superman: The Last Son of Krypton, Judge Dredd, Medusa, King Kong, Batman, Andre the Giant, and many others. Amaya Gaming is an intriguing company because of the similarities in the way that it runs its business. It, too, develops video games, but it is also affiliated with or has bought a number of other gaming companies. One good illustration of this is NextGen Gaming. Both this Australian-based firm that was responsible for developing games like Medusa and Judge Dredd, as well as Cryptologic, were recently acquired by Amaya, which is why SkillOnNet is able to provide titles like Batman and The Last Son of Krypton to its customers. Although it can be difficult to understand at first, the system is eventually beneficial to players. A game experience can be improved by increasing the number of available alternatives, which can be achieved through maintaining a diverse player base.


That Which We Adore

A SkillOnNet powered operator offers a respectable selection of online casino games for players to choose from. Although it does not provide as large of a selection of games as, for example, Microgaming or Betsoft, it does provide a wider variety of options.


What It Is That We Do Not Love

It is difficult to find anything negative to say about SkillOnNet because of the extensive library of games that users have access to play. It is difficult to find fault with SkillOnNet due to the quality of its backgammon games and the agreements it has formed with a number of other firms to enable it to offer such a comprehensive assortment. However, if we are forced to say something, it would be that there can be a point where there are simply too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s possible that you’ll have to do a little bit of sorting before you get to the good stuff, but that’s really the only problem we’ve been able to identify with this product so far.

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